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PTFE RUBBER WORKS gives paramount importance to the Quality of the Moulded Rubber Parts/ Components/ Products, manufactured in its Factory, right from the Assurance of Raw Material Quality by stringent testing, Ensuring all inputs which affect the moulded Rubber Parts during production by implementation of applicable process control Mechanism and final Inspection & Reporting of Finished product Quality, before dispatch.

The suitability of an elastomer for a specific application can be established only when the properties of both the medium and the elastomer are known under typical working conditions.

System operating temperatures and compatibility with the media to be sealed are the two most important parameters which must be considered when selecting a base elastomer.

PTFE evaluates the best possibilities for part and mould design, while our chemists formulate a material specifically to meet, functional and most demanding applications.
PTFE also deals with breakdown jobs, rushjobs and discontinued seals.
PTFE has the skill, experience and vision in taking sample seals, drawings and physical evaluations.
Our expertise enables us to provide solutions to the most difficult applications.
We offer you the support you need to develop and conduct your business successfully.



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