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We have a wide range of products namely Moulding setup, Machinery, Mixing equipments, etc.

Our Products

We have a wide range of products namely Moulding setup, Machinery, Mixing equipments, etc

Moulding Setup

Our Moulding setup contains moulding for light tools, heavy moulds and post moulding.


We utilize grinders & surface finishing machines to achieve Impeccable quality finishes on all our products

Mixing Equipments

We use our compounding and mixing process equipments for mixing such as gear drive mixing mill etc.

What We Have Here for You

Range of our products.

Liner Wiper Plug

LINER WIPER PLUG for the Oil and Gas Industry manufactured from Neoprene [BC/BE], SBR and NR Polymer with Aluminium Threaded Inserts as per customer design and specification.

Plunger Cups For Mud Pumps

PLUNGER CUPS FOR MUD PUMPS with Nylon & Fabric Back Up manufactured from best quality NBR, XNBR, duly moulded as per customers requirements and specifications.

Gas Lift Valve Seals

GLIFT VALVE SEALS with PTFE / MGFT and PPS Seals manufactured as per customers specification from Fabric / KEVLAR reinforced with synthetic Rubber, AFLAS or Viton for high temperature, pressure resistance and corrosive conditions.

Cementing Plugs

C PLUGS for the Oil & Gas Industry manufactured as per conventional design and Non Rotational Type with Nylon Inserts. These are PDC Types. Sizes available manufactured from Neoprene [BC/BE], NBR [BG], NR[AA] polymer with Hard Ebonite NBR Insert instead of aluminum.

Nylon Reinforced Diaphragm

NRD as per customer's specification and Drawing with close tolerances manufactured from Viton [HK], Nitrile [BG], etc with duly treated reinforced Nylon, Rayon, etc, and bonded with metal washer, for the chemical Industry

Oil Seals Or Rotatory Shaft Seals

OSEALS OR RSHAFT SEALS are manufactured in Inch and Metric range from NBR, CPR, FKM and any other polymer desired by the customer. The types available are MI, MIDL, MO, MODL, MOCDL or any other profile and design required by the customer.

Contact Us to know more

To know more about the products and enquire, call us on our cells or drop us an email.